Why Does Natural Skin Care Matter?

Good skin care, like good food, depends on top notch ingredients.  The natural ingredients in Second Nature Skin are non-toxic, they are chosen to calm – not irritate – the skin and to give it a healthy glow.

Unlike other organs in our body, the skin can receive nutrition through topical application as well as from our diet, according to researchers at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.

Also, with natural ingredients, customers can easily read and understand the product label. They won’t be confused by long, mysterious chemical names.

What’s the difference between organic and natural products?

Second Nature Skin care is made with all natural ingredients. Many of the ingredients – shea butter, coconut oil, tamanu oil and beeswax included – are also organic.

Truly natural products contain only plant and mineral based ingredients that are processed to maintain purity. They avoid ingredients suspected of posing a health risk and don’t perform animal testing. They also use biodegradable ingredients and environmentally sensitive packaging.

To use a “Certified Organic” label, organic products must go beyond that to meet strict development standards ranging from how the plant is fertilized and harvested to how it’s stored and processed. While admirable, the rigorous process is expensive and that expense is passed on to the customer.

Why are preservatives necessary?

Skin care products, especially those containing water, will grow bacteria, yeast and mold unless a preservative is added.

Second Nature Skin uses only natural or organic preservatives that are gentle yet effective.

How do your products smell so good without perfume?

Second Nature Skin products are lightly scented by plant extracts or oils, such as virgin coconut oil and essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils contain the essence or spirit of the plant and thus its scent and therapeutic benefits. The oil is usually extracted from the leaves, stems and flowers by steam distillation or the cold press method.

They don’t contain alcohol or other synthetic materials that can irritate the skin. Most people who are allergic to perfume aren’t allergic to essential oils. However, allergies are highly individualistic.

How do you decide which ingredients to use?

I have chosen Second Nature Skin’s ingredients based on their reputation for soothing, toning and moisturizing. I also avoid ingredients that have a history of causing allergies or sensitivity.

Second Nature Skin care will help eliminate irritations, improve skin texture, establish the proper moisture balance and create more youthful looking skin.

If you like what you see, give our products a try!

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