Meet Caren Burmeister

Finding the right solution to your skin care issues is never an easy problem to solve. Just ask Caren, the founder behind Second Nature. Unsatisfied with the results she was receiving from commercial skin care lines, Caren used her background and passion to create a line of skin care products that has changed the way men and women feel about their skin.

Naturally Handcrafted

Caren is woman of many talents – a renowned journalist, an entrepreneur, and a crafter of all things soothing and natural for the skin. After working 21 years as a successful journalist, Caren turned her fine-tuned research skills into a soothing, irritant-free line of natural skin care products.
Natural skin care has always been a passion for Caren. For a long time, Caren struggled with her own skin issues, including severe sensitivity and rosacea. After trying dozens of so-called irritation-free commercial products, she found her skin problems only became worse. She tapped into her penchant for research and spent hundred of hours reading books and doing online research to find completely natural, potent, and beneficial ingredients. In the end, the ingredients she chose turned into a handcrafted recipe that truly moisturized the skin, made it softer, more youthful looking and didn’t cause any irritation.

Turning Natural Ingredients into a Flawless Remedy

Caren saw a dramatic change in her skin after she began using her own handcrafted products. Her friends and family raved, “Did you do something different? You look amazing!” Just like that, a cure for her own skin care issues turned into a business to help others achieve the best possible skin care regimen possible. Second Nature is rapidly becoming the solution to all skin care problems. From moisturizers and cleansers to lotions and creams, Second Nature has something for every type of skin.

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