Finding the right solution to your skin care issues is never easy.

Just ask Caren, the founder of Second Nature Skin who struggled for decades with severe sensitivity and rosacea. After trying dozens of “irritant-free” products, her skin problems only grew worse.

Frustrated with mainstream skin care lines, Caren created her own line of natural and nourishing products that have changed the way men and women feel about their skin.

Naturally Handcrafted

Caren is woman of many talents – an entrepreneur, award-winning journalist, and masterful researcher. Driven by an abiding respect for Mother Nature and a deep curiosity, Caren spent hundred of hours researching plant-based ingredients that are potent, safe and beneficial. With those premium extracts, she handcrafted rich formulas that moisturize the skin and make it softer and more youthful looking.

Turning Natural Ingredients into a Flawless Remedy

Within weeks of using her own products Caren saw a dramatic change in her skin. Her friends and family raved, “Did you do something different? You look amazing!”

Wanting to help others achieve the greatest skin possible, she turned her passion into a business.

Jackie Diosomito is thankful. Two days after a Vitamin C skin product burned her skin, she sampled the Coco Mojo face lotion. Within minutes it was soothing her skin. Jackie bought a bottle and wrote Caren a few days later.

“After experiencing your Coco Mojo on my face, not only did it heal my burn, but my skin looks amazing! Your products are the only ones I will use. Thank you!”

Skin care experts are loving it, too.

That includes Cheri Stanley, an esthetician who says she has tried just about every product under the sun.

“Caren has done a fabulous job creating this Second Nature Skin line. The Lavender and Oats Cleanser is perfect for all skin types, it cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The Cranberry Nectar Antioxidant serum is divine, and comparable to extremely pricey serums on the market but without the hefty price tag. I’ve found the Coco Mojo Moisturizer is wonderful for my sensitive, combination skin. I am starting my own practice and I’m proud and excited to be using these products on my clients. I love that the ingredients are natural and very beneficial to the skin.”

Order from Second Nature Skin today and watch your skin

suddenly become more radiant and healthy!