The Jacksonville community is most generous and supportive of non-profits that help keep our waterways and oceans clean, protect vulnerable children and animals, and help women overcome breast cancer.

Some of the First Coast non-profit groups that Second Nature Skin supports are:

Second Nature Skin applauds these First Coast non-profits and advocates. Using only natural and organic ingredients in our skin care, we also do our part to keep toxins out of our bodies, our rivers and our oceans.

Because we have the same goals, Second Nature Skin is committed to helping these non-profits raise the money they need to succeed. Under our new partnership program, we donate 20% to 25% of home party sales and website sales to your favorite charity. And we’re open to other ideas, too.

For more information, contact me at (904) 434-3985. Or email me at

Caren Burmeister

Second Nature Skin

“What we seek is seeking us.” — Rumi

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