A Little Dab Will Do Ya

Many Second Nature Skin care customers are surprised at how little moisturizer they need to squeeze from the bottle.

Our products not only soften wrinkles and make your skin feel exceptionally good, they’re a great value, too.

It’s a new concept for many people who are used to watered-down mass market products, which require globs of lotion and still don’t do the trick.

We use a lower percent of water in our products than most skin care lines, so they’re richer in nourishing botanical oils and extracts — nature’s good stuff.

Shake the bottle and squeeze out a little dab of your Coco Mojo or Prime Time Eye Serum. If your skin soaks it up, add a little more.

This way your skin will get all it needs and the bottle will last for months.

Actually, our products last so long I’ve occasionally wondered if a customer has abandoned us. They’ll return six months later, saying they have just finished the bottle and need more!

You’ll also find that our lotions absorb quickly without being tacky or greasy.

We don’t use cheap synthetic ingredients like mineral oil or petroleum that can clog skin and make it feel oily. Why do that when nature supplies safe, nourishing botanical oils that give your skin a beautiful, dewy appearance.



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