Back to the Future

My grandmother was nearly 100 years old when she died in 2003. In her last years she knitted dozens, perhaps hundreds, of doilies to occupy her time and rekindle the fading craft she had learned while growing up on a Western Iowa farm.

I’ve longed to put those soft, vanilla-colored doilies to good use. The opportunity arrived in October, 2010, when I launched Second Nature Skin, my natural, handcrafted skin care line. Now grammy’s doilies add a homey touch to my product displays. What’s more, they remind me of the wisdom of the ages. That everything old is new again

While natural skin care is the wave of the future, and for good cause, it’s based on centuries of human experience with plants and minerals.

Cleopatra and other Egyptians trusted aloe vera to soothe their skin and heal wounds and minor burns.

Queen of Hungary Water became popular in the late 14th Century. The distillation, likely fresh rosemary and thyme with strong brandy, was also used as a remedy for ailments ranging from colds to stomach cramps.

For years, Native American Indians in the Southwest have used yucca root powder to cleanse their skin and hair.

Somehow we seemed to have forgotten nature’s power to produce beautiful skin. Skin care labels now read more like pharmaceuticals – propylparaben, iodoproprnyl butylcarbamate, triethanolamine.. .and the list goes on. We can hardly pronounce many ingredients on our cosmetics labels, much less understand what they are or what they may, over time, do to our skin.

Yes, it’s true that people are demanding more of their skin care than ever before. Yet most of those those demands can be met with products made with carefully chosen and blended natural ingredients.

I designed Second Nature Skin because of my own personal struggle with very allergy prone skin and rosacea.

Customers are seeing for themselves how formulas made with natural plant oils like tamanu oil, argan oil and shea butter and botanicals like chamomile, hibiscus and helichrysum extracts, can soothe problem skin, balance the skin’s natural oils, soften wrinkles and transform dry lifeless skin into more radiant, youthful looking skin.

I’m so glad you’re visiting my website. Please keep in touch since I plan to write several blogs a week on tips, trends and skin care experiences.

Caren Burmeister

Second Nature Skin

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