Now That’s Cooking

More and more people desire to connect with their food source, a trend confirmed by the rise in Farmers Markets and the farm-to-table movement.

I also think people want to connect with the ingredients in their skin care. They want to understand the label, not confront a baffling list of chemicals that leaves them in the dark and hides potential irritants.

If we strive to be healthy, we must consider that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our mouths.

As a developer of natural skin care products, than means I’m more chef than chemist. Sure, there’s some chemistry involved in making cosmetics, just as there’s some chemistry in cooking. But developing skin care products with ingredients that pair well, with a synergy that boosts their effectiveness, scent and sensory feel – and blending them in the proper ratio and in the right process – now that’s cooking.

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