Say Goodbye to Winter Skin


One day in the middle of February there was snow was on the ground in 49 of 50 states, according to USA Today. Florida was spared the wet delight. But we’ve also had the coldest winter in decades and we were as eager as everyone else to celebrate the spring equinox.
It felt so good to put on my favorite shorts and short-sleeved shirt. I took a spin in the mirror and looked down at my arms and legs. What? How could I – the queen of luscious, soothing lotion – be so dry and scaly? Then it hit me. There’s no way any moisturizer could sink in past all that dead skin. Get me the exfoliator and fast!

So, I’m offering some promotions to help you get rid of that dry winter skin, including 25% off our Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask and free shipping on orders of $30 or more.

*Our Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask cleanses and exfoliates your skin; tightens and reduces the size of pores; absorbs excess oil; and helps with blackheads and acne. It contains more than 30 skin nourishing minerals, including magnesium, potassium and calcium.
Last summer several customers told me they put the mud on their mosquito bites and it relieved the itch, welt and redness. I tried it and it really worked. During our promotion this product is 25% off – It’s now $11.50, down from $15.50.

*Our gentle exfoliator – a test product made with rice flour and lavender essential oil – is perfect for your face and body. A 1 oz. trial size will come with your order. So far, friends are loving it. It’s grainier than flour but not as rough as sugar or salt.
Still in development, this product doesn’t yet have a name or special container. Add about a quarter teaspoon to your face cleanser or body cleansing gel and feel your dry skin slip away. It works wonderfully well with our Lavender and Oats face cleanser. Let us know what you think.

*During our promotion, there’s free shipping on orders of $30 or more. We’ll refund your shipping fee back to your PayPal account.

I hope you enjoy every minute of this beautiful spring.

Caren Burmeister
Second Nature Skin

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