Why Give Up Coffee


34% of women in a recent skin care survey said they would give up coffee if it meant they could have perfect skin for a year. (Wakefield Research survey)

Why give up coffee when you can have (near) perfect skin with Second Nature Skin? It’s that easy. Our skin care products soften wrinkles and make your skin smooth and radiant.

You’ll experience natural beauty and see the results because we use the finest ingredients on earth. Nature has an abundance of skin nourishing ingredients and we use the best of them – cranberry seed oil, argan oil, tamanu oil and hibiscus extract are just a few.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s what customers have to say:


Amber from Jacksonville “Second Nature has turned a skeptic into a believer! Not only has it tamed my acne, it has made my skin texture feel and look healthier and I have the youthful glow we are all longing for. Please try it. I know you will love it too.” 

Marcia from Jacksonville – “Your products are awesome. My skin feels like baby skin. The cleanser is amazing. I gave myself a mud pack last night and the moisturizers are everything you promised. I’m a total convert now.” 

Cheri Stanley, an esthetician in Jacksonville – “I am loving Second Nature Skin products! The Lavender and Oats Cleanser is perfect for all skin types, it cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The Cranberry Nectar Antioxidant serum is divine, and comparable to other extremely pricey serums on the market without the hefty price tag. I’ve found the Coco Mojo Moisturizer to be wonderful for my sensitive, combination skin.

I’m an Esthetician who has used just about every product under the sun, and Caren has done a fabulous job creating this line. I am starting my own practice and I’m proud and excited to be using the Second Nature products on my clients. I love that the ingredients are natural and very beneficial to the skin. My own skin, and my mothers, feels like it should- not over cleansed and stripped, not greasy, not irritated. Our skin feels properly moisturized and healthy.” 




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